According to one definition Navras is s Sanskrit word that, when broken down, refers to the nine “nava” emotional states “rasa” that are exhibited during music, drama, and the visual arts, the experience of which bring about a state of transcendental bliss. But wikipedia is always changing so I’m not sure anymore…

To me it’s about finding joy in visual design. Allowing great businesses increase their profits by showing their customers their best side. Customers love it when they see businesses having fun and enjoying what they do. Often times they put their money where their joy is found. Hopefully that is with your business. So if your a small business start up looking for another way to become profitable look no further than your own business card and website. Perhaps your a well established company looking for a refreshing look to help boost that bottom line.

Chances are we can both have some fun. If you agree feel free to give me a call.

To your success and joy,